Public Diplomacy Campaigns

GIC public diplomacy campaigns are focused on implementing the latest technologies, by undertaking radically distinctive approaches in media management, which enhance corporate profiles and images of clients among their local and foreign audience.


We employ the use of various tools, techniques and approaches defined in the domains of Public Diplomacy, Corporate Diplomacy, Image Management, Branding and Inter-cultural Communications.

GIC defines “Public Diplomacy” as the manner in which an organization (international agency, government, NGO or a private sector organization) communicates and promotes its self-interest through the public and the media in the eyes of its foreign audience.

We use in-depth research and analysis to understand and manage our clients’ requirements. We assess reputation, image and the manner in which our clients implement communication techniques to expand their corporate profile and exercise their diplomatic outlook.

GIC enables our clients to build public opinion and interaction among its foreign audience, through the use of culturally sensitive communications and inter-cultural dialogue.

Our Services

Trade and Investments
The emerging markets of Africa and the Middle East are increasingly becoming an attractive opportunity for western firms to invest in

Image Management / Branding
GIC approaches reputation and image management in the manner in which our clients are viewed by the public at large.

Communication and Criss Management
If risk is imminent in a situation, organizations must know how to effectively communicate it to their publics.


Corporate Social Responsibility
GIC works with government agencies, the private sector and members of civil society to build economically viable, socially responsible