Gamut Int'l USA

United States – Washington DC Office,
8639B 16th Street, Suite 203
Silver Spring, MD,
20910 USA
Tel: +1-202-596-8355

Gamut Africa {TZ}

234/145 Mosque Street,
P.O. Box 20463,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255-754-088-366

Gamut Canada

3 Emmeline Crescent
Toronto, Ontario
Tel: +1-416-754-9889

About GIC

Gamut International (GIC) was created on the concept of the color gamut, a spectrum comprising of each and every color and shade under the sun. Through this perspective, GIC was formed on the premise that we serve our clients’ needs in whichever capacity possible, in whatever means available under the sun. We focus our business practices on an equitable and ethical manner, with our clients’ interest and the interest of society at large.


Based on the ethical premise on which Gamut International operates, we assess the manner in which our clients are viewed, represented and communicated to the public. We work in the interest of our clients to ensure clarity through a comprehensive approach understood by all segments of society. Gamut International's staff has extensive public affairs experience garnered through its widespread campaign and media experience worldwide.GIC clients receive tailored services in media relations, advertising, branding, communications, profile development, corporate and public diplomacy.


We provide international advisory and consulting services to private sector clients and industry associations, on export and investment promotions, business intelligence, market entry strategies, foreign direct investment and forging public-private partnerships. We develop solutions for our clients on market entry expansion and offer risk management strategies required to understand the political and economic challenges associated with our clients’ business

About our services

GIC provides strategic investment advisory services, corporate intelligence analysis, market entry strategies, and designs branding and public relations campaigns, media relations, and develops risk and crisis communications programs.

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